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When Does 2” Not Equal 2 Hours?

There are plenty of buildings that use concrete construction methods as a way to protect wiring to critical circuits. This process of encasing standard building wires supplying power to critical
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Which UL2196 Approved Fire-Rated Cables are Excluded from Use in Hospitals?

While designing commercial buildings, such as healthcare facilities, it is easy to overlook critical aspects of code. What is unique about healthcare facilities is the need to ensure that occupants

Beyond UL 2196 – Important Safety Findings for Fire Rated Cable Systems

If your building contains a fire rated wiring system providing power to critical life safety applications (fire pumps, emergency lighting and smoke evacuation, etc.), the standard you need to follow

Case Study: Urban Retrofit Project

Many contractors have installed miles of Mineral Insulated (MI) cable. So, when a retrofit project came up requiring installation of a fire-rated solution that could carry increased ampacity, it was
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Why Fire-Rating Wiring is Crucial in Healthcare Buildings

When an emergency happens in a medical building, the need for quick response and protection of critical circuits is dire. In fact, medical professionals have a protocol to quickly respond

What is a UL Two Hour Fire Rating?

When it comes to fire rated wiring, there is a lot of discussion around safety standards and codes that building professionals need to follow. Let’s discover who is behind these

What is MI Cable?

When it comes to the protection of critical electrical systems in buildings, there are a few different options to meet industry codes and standards. One of those options is copper-clad

3 Reasons Fire Chiefs Endorse 2 Hour Fire-Rated Cable

For Fire Chiefs, safety is paramount in an emergency situation. In fact, Fire Chiefs rely on a series on NPFA codes to provide essential benchmarks for a safe response to