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nVent PYROTENAX Mineral Insulated Fire-Rated Wiring Systems

Protect people, processes and critical electrical circuits during a fire or other emergency with nVent PYROTENAX two-hour fire-rated cables.

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What is MI Fire-Rated Wiring?

Worldwide regulations require fire protection for emergency feeder circuits in commercial buildings, public spaces, hospitals, industrial plants and refineries. PYROTENAX System 1850 mineral insulated fire-rated cables are UL listed and can withstand temperatures up to 1850 °F / 1010 °C for two hours, ensuring critical equipment and processes continue to operate in the event of a fire.

nVent PYROTENAX System 2000 and 2200 2 hour fire-rated cables can withstand temperatures up to 2200 °F / 1200 °C for two hours, facilitating the controlled shutdown of critical processes and systems in the event of an industrial fire.

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What is nVent PYROTENAX System 1850?

Fire-rated wiring cable is a specialty wire used to power emergency response equipment such as fire pumps, fire fighter elevators, smoke extraction fans, backup generators and more. Learn more in our System 1850 video now.

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Quickly calculate voltage drop with this online calculator.

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